Goal: Attractive digital training program for employees

Just as it has a strong footballing presence, the medium-sized club 1. FC Union Berlin is responding resolutely and professionally to the challenge of digitization: The cult club is training and raising awareness among its approximately 300 employees digitally with mybreev's E-Learning-System and the Security Island Content portfolio.

Tradition and modern in a double pass

This goal is best achieved with business partners at eye level: With mybreev, Union Berlin has chosen a partner with tradition and many years of experience, who uses this specifically to create a modern training environment in organizations without breaking with positive aspects of existing traditions. The range of e-learning courses covers not only the major topic of security, but also many key areas that modern companies need for their successful existence in today's world, such as compliance, cyber and information security, sustainability, mental health, diversity, and much more.

The challenge of digital personnel development at Union Berlin

In a short interview, Anja Kasper (Managing Director Digitalization, Union Berlin) provides insights into the digital workforce development project and highlights the obstacles and opportunities that have emerged to implement digital learning content in the mid-sized company.

What personal benefits does digital learning offer your company?

Anja Kasper: For employees, e-learning offers a welcome opportunity for further training. For us as an organization, the digital learning option primarily offers more motivation or acceptance of participation in the courses - due to the flexibility in terms of time and space.

How is the learning platform received by your employees?

Anja Kasper: Since we have a wide range of different professions, from greenkeeper to physiotherapist to data engineer, it was and is a lengthy process to introduce the entire workforce to e-learning. In addition to the different requirements with regard to the skills of the employees, some of the infrastructural foundations also had to be created in advance.

What was the decisive factor for the cooperation with mybreev?

Anja Kasper: After a brief search, we discovered that another Bundesliga club was using mybreev. We then had them show us live how the system is implemented there. The positive reviews of colleagues about the system and the cooperation with mybreev also prompted us to choose mybreev.

What do you consider to be part of a modern company in terms of corporate learning?

Anja Kasper: Comprehensive equipment with appropriate hardware and training in the use of the software. In addition, we believe it is important to keep interest in e-learning high among the workforce by offering a wide range of topics.

Tactics Triple Chain: E-Learning Content, Learning Platform & Support

To ensure that not only the first half is successful, but that the entire match is played to win, mybreev relies on the triple chain of attractive e-learning content, a user-friendly learning platform, and support for the implementation and internal promotion of the new digital learning offering. Sustainable teamwork beyond one season is our driver to accompany your company in the digital transformation of your learning offering in the long term.

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Read the full whitepaper and find answers to the question: How do we, as an organization, make the leap from live and face-to-face formats to a digital learning experience that efficiently reaches all employees and is attractive at the same time?
Because the number of business-relevant topics is increasing, while employees are increasingly being held accountable.

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Uwe Röniger
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